What Is The World Coming To?

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It seems like people these days are losing their minds and I know that I am not the only one to notice this. While there will always be people out there who leave a lot to be desired, the popularity of the Internet allows us to digest more news and some of it is just plain crazy.

I read a story yesterday where that discussed a suitcase that was found in Georgia. Apparently, there were human bones inside and it was tossed in the woods. It seems it had been there for at least a couple of months. It also looked like there was no way it was tossed from the road, which means that someone personally walked it into the forest. The mere thought of that makes me nauseous.

It looks like it was a skull and pelvic bones, but not much more information was released. They did not say whether it was a man or woman. They also did not mention the cause of death or anything like that. I swear it sounds like something out of a movie or one of those serial killer novels I love so much.

The thing that creeps me out the most is the fact that anyone could have found it; a child, someone with a heart problem. Seeing something like that could have scarred them for life. This makes me afraid to even think about going into the woods (not that I do anyway).

As I said, I am pretty sure that the Internet bringing people more news makes it seems as if the world is coming to a tailspin, but it may have been like this the entire time. We could have been living in the US amongst psychos, but not having access to as much national news made us unaware.