Georgia Has A Lot More To Offer Tourists Than You Might Think

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When many people think of taking a vacation somewhere in the South, Georgia might not be at the top of their list or even the upper half. Florida gets chosen a lot, and others flock to the beaches of South Carolina or the mountains of North Carolina. However, Georgia is worthy of consideration, given that it has a surprising amount of things to do across the state. What perhaps hurts it is that it is not particularly dominant in one area or known for one thing, but that variety makes it easy to find quite a bit to do.

Georgia’s coastline along the Atlantic is not that long, and yet it’s practically the same beaches that you could enjoy up in South Carolina or down in Florida. Many of the sandy oceansides here are quiet yet beautiful. The one urban center along the coast, Savannah, is often a romantic getaway for couples. This colonial-era city still retains much of its original architecture from the 1700s and 1800s for an almost old-world feel.

Further from the coast is the city of Augusta, which is almost a mandatory pilgrimage for serious golfers. Even if you can’t come to see the Masters, the chance to visit is worth it, and there are plenty of golf courses in the area to fill your stay with time on the links.

Atlanta is a trip all in itself, with plenty to do. Few locations in the South offer so many restaurants, museums, and clubs. Visit the Coca Cola headquarters, the world-renown Georgia Aquarium, or the Martin Luther King, Jr., historic site. Catch professional sports action in all five major league sports, from the NBA Atlanta Hawks to the MLB Atlanta Braves, in addition to NFL, NHL, and MLS action.

Georgia’s mountains sit at the northwest corner of the state offering a chance to go hiking, get in some great views, and generally catch a break from the summer heat and humidity.

If you are a fan of “The Walking Dead,” a number of tours exist showing you various filming sites and locations where the show has been produced in the past. Sometimes, you even get the chance to be a part of a walker herd yourself when filming for an upcoming season is taking place.

The rural countryside is full of farms and chances to truly find peace and quiet.