Fun Things To Do In Denver

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Denver is usually referred to as the Mile High City or the Queen City of the plains. It is situated in the central part of Colorado, between the Rocky mountains in the west and the high plains found in the east. Most individuals see Denver more of a Plains city than a Mountain one although it’s located a mountain high. The surrounding cities are Lakewood, North Washington, Lakeside and Glendale. Denver is approximately 1590 miles to Washington DC. and so, if you are thinking of purchasing a new home in Denver, you may want to know that the median home price in this city is $360,000.

Denver has a dry and mild climate, but it experiences snow during winter. What’s interesting though is that the snow melts way faster since it experiences 300 days of sunshine. So, if you hate the cold seasons, you will certainly find Denver an ideal place to live in.

Fun Things to do In Denver

If you like history and sightseeing, Denver has over 100 attractions. You can take the free tours of the Coors Brewing company, known to be world’s biggest single brewing company. You can also opt to visit the Heritage Center or Black American West Museum. This is certainly a lot to learn without spending a fortune. The Denver Art Museum is a worthy place to visit and enjoy the huge collections and large exhibits. If skiing is your thing, you can go for an adventure in Colorado Ski Central. If you love hiking, Mount Evans is an ideal place for that. The location also offers a mesmerizing view of the cities and mountains.

If outdoor activities are not your thing, you may want to relax and watch special events like opera at one of the largest complexes in the United States of America. Of course, I am talking about the Denver Performing Arts Complex. You can also unwind after a busy day at some of the best restaurants and bars in the state. Visit Greek Town and you will find Greek Cuisine, and almost every form of entertainment. Visit the Union Station and you will get a chance to see the Amtrak train service and other historic landmarks, shops and popular restaurants. Also, do not forget to visit Lower Downtown, the best neighborhood in Denver. Lodo ideally hosts numerous shops, cafes and restaurants that will certainly satisfy your craving.